Aston Martin

Red 10

Aston Martin Red 10 is a bespoke built Aston Martin Vanquish S and designed around the RAF Red Arrows display teams dual control BAE Systems Hawk T1 jets . The Luxury sports car known as Red10 was raffled off by the RAF Benevolent Fund and won by a very surprised ex serviceman Humphrey Bradley. Humphrey has decided to carry on the fund raising by taking the car Red10 to various car shows and Air displays with the Red Arrows.

Aston Martin RED 10 Twitter Feed to keep up with the car and the RAF Benvolent Fund raising events @AstonRed10

The RAF Benvolent Fund supports over 65,000 families of ex serviceman and woman and raises awareness of the disabilities that ex RAF service personel have endured whilst serving for their country. This is a vital charity that has many events and adventures with many volunteeers and people like Humphrey that give their time for free.

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