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"The best luxury sports cars from the iconic British Manufacturer of quality Aston Martin. "Power, Beauty and Soul in every hand built sports car."

Owning and Buying an Aston Martin

Owning an Aston Martin is a truly special experience and one we hope you will savour for a lifetime. Taking care of our owners by ensuring the very best range of services, expert guidance and customer relations is at the very heart of our business. Our team at Gaydon or the trusted associates working in our official dealer network are always at your disposal when buying a luxury sports car.

Aston Martin Luxury Sports Cars


Our Luxury Sports cars are conceived by beauty when designing an Aston Martin. An Aston Martin Sports Car must deliver Power, Beauty and Soul. As with the ALL NEW Vantage it has predatory instinct emanating from its on road presence and aggressive stance. The DB11 delivers Trans-European GT luxury sports car transportation. So come and pay us a visit and experience what buying an Aston Martin can do for you.

There is no secret that beautiful underpins everything that we do at the the worlds best luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin – we are renowned the world over for creating exceptional luxury sports cars. It has been a part of our story ever since our founding in 1913 and it’s everywhere you look when you experience Aston Martin you will see the beautiful.


Every Aston Martin is distilled from a race car and Vantage has proven itself on the most demanding circuits around the world. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Vantage has asserted its speed as a best in class of a winning number racing sports car at endurance time and time again with several podium finishes, climaxing with a winning the GTE Pro Class in 2017 at le Mans.


Every Aston Martin has its own distinctive voice, conjured up with a push of the crystal glass key. Cylinders, valves and exhaust work together in an instant to create a magisterial symphony that hints at the performance to come from some of the best luxury sports cars the world has ever seen.


Beneath the skin of every Vantage AMR is the very foundation of the art of Aston Martin: a lightweight, highly versatile and immensely strong aluminium chassis structure that is bonded with aerospace adhesives that produces an astounding luxury sports car.


AMR takes Aston Martin sports cars into a new dimension. One where we can turn-up the sporting DNA present in all our models and make a true statement. 


As a celebration of Aston Martin’s worldwide competition success across GT4, GT3 and GTE categories, Vantage AMR is available with as a V8 and fitted with automated sequential manual paddle-shift transmissions, or for the purist, six-speed manual gearboxes. To create the worlds best luxuy spots car.

Beautiful Won't Be Tamed!

CEO Dr Andy Palmer:

“I’m a product guy, it’s what I know and love,” he says. “I’m in our design offices every day, and walking the factory floor a couple of times a day. The DB11 is Aston Martin’s latest design. There’s often a reticence to buy the first of any new car model so I’m putting my name and email address on the first 1000 engine inspection covers. That’s a new owner’s security that the car is good, because I’m personally vouching for it.”

Andy Palmer’s unique recipe for success:

“I get things done, but my style of management has adapted a lot from the confrontational style of survival politics driven by testosterone I encountered in Austin Rover. I matured when I worked at Nissan and hopefully the guys at Aston Martin will say I’m relatively logical and much softer. I’ve got a steely edge, but management is more about motivating others to work hard. The Japanese are process orientated. It’s about data. It’s about what I know here (he puts his palm to his forehead), rather than what I feel here (he strikes his heart). I work hard, and when everyone else has gone home, I leave.”



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Our founders Bamford and Martin were brought together by a shared passion. A passion that drove them to build cars that were each time faster and more thrilling to drive than before.