Lagonda brand of ultra luxury cars has been revived by Aston Martin at the International Geneva Motor show 2018 with the vision concept car. This all electric car with zero emission is aimed at rivalling Roll Royce and Bentley by disrupting the ultra luxury car market . The Lagonda's new thinking of an old luxury market model that has worked well in the passed for the old school luxury car brands. The vision concept is what luxury today is envisaged by the wealthy elite this car is aimed at attracting.


Lagonda as well as the ultra vision concept is also developing a car designed to disrupt the luxury SUV market reportedly to be named the Varekai. This will be a mass production SUV vehicle fullfilling Aston Martin second generation plan, to put Aston Martin firmly back on the map as a best luxury car brand.

Lagonda's History

Lagonda was founded in 1906 by Wilbur Gunn. He started out making motor cycles out of a garden building in Staines Middlesex. Pictured below Wilbur Gunn the father of Lagonda ultra luxury cars of today.

In 1907 his first car the 20 hp, 6-cylinder Torpedo was launched which won he St Petersburg Trial of 1910. Full history of Lagonda. In 1947 David Brown aquired Lagonda and bought the Aston Martin name and Lagonda together at the then Aston Martin factory in Feltham. Today the brand has been revitalised by Aston Martin as an all electric Utra Luxury car brand.